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About Us - Who We Are

A few years ago it was impossible to find a reliable 3D-printing provider with a local presence that could deliver quality results at reasonable costs within a reasonable timeframe. So in the meantime, we have taken matters into our own hands and set up what we believe is the right solution for the problem: At R3DS, we combine our passion for innovative 3D printing technology with the best equipment available making high-quality products that are also affordable and work for our customers.

No matter whether you’re looking for a one-off production job, or a permanent business relationship with guaranteed machine availability and a fixed pricing-agreement, R3DS is your one-stop all-in-one solution to cover your 3D-printing needs.

Fabian was born on 1st November 1988 in Frankfurt a. Main and holds a MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management from KLU Kuhne Logistics University, Hamburg as well as a BSc (Hons) in Business & Management from Queen Mary, University of London. Always interested in new technology, Fabian began selling self-assembled computers as a teenager. Prior to setting up R3DS, Fabian worked more than five years in the airline industry as well as in Sales & Trading of M.M. Warburg & CO.

Fabian Roggemann: Founder & Managing Director

Services – What We can do

At R3DS we offer two different 3D-printing technologies, suitable for different applications:

Filament Printing:

We offer a fleet of Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 Extended machines. All machines operate in a network-controlled cloud. Selected machines are fully-enclosed and a variety of different configurations allows us to print almost any available filament.
Click here for possible build volumes, technical data and capabilities.

Resin Printing:

We offer MSLA printers from Anycubic and Elegoo with different build volumes and technologies. With special resins from different manufacturers and additives, we cannot only produce parts with smooth surfaces but also optimize material strength and UV-light durability.
Click here for possible build volumes, technical data and capabilities.

Why work with us

1. Greater Choice

With different printing techniques, a growing fleet of machines, multiple configurations and a great variety of materials available, we can offer solutions for all kinds of applications.

2. Maximum Flexibility

At R3DS, you never pay for capacity you don’t need. Whenever you need us, we are ready, and if you need more than one machine, we can provide it.

3. Go with the 3D Experts

You are the expert in your field, we are the expert in the 3D universe. When working with us, you automatically benefit from our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships to get the maximum out of your ideas. We will always provide recommendations where desired.

4. Better Reliability

Machines can fail and supply chains for material be disrupted. Thanks to our growing fleet of machines and extensive in-house stock of the most common materials, we always have back-up and cover ready to fulfil our commitments.

5. Faster Response

Our digital factory stands never still! We also try to hold a capacity reserve available for immediate short-notice print jobs that can be made overnight.

6. More Economies of Scale

Our setup is more cost-effective for you! We buy material in large quantities directly from our suppliers and our professional, network operated machines are less labor intensive than most of the common consumer machines. This way, we can produce way cheaper.

How can we help you?

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We exclusively use 3D Printers made by Ultimaker